Where to Find Australian Designer Made Evening Dresses for that Special Occasion

Whether you’re going to a ball or perhaps attending a red carpet event, wearing a beautiful designer evening dress is a great way to make heads turn. In Australia, you will find many designers who are well capable of designing that perfect evening dress of yours. Sure, they may not be as popular as Coco Chanel or Alexander McQueen just yet, but they are definitely on their way there.

Girl in designer wear

Two of the most promising fashion designers in Australia are Jason Grech and Megan Park. These Australian designers are often praised for their outstanding designs, worn by celebrities from around the world.

Read on to find out more about them as well as other up and coming evening dresses and wedding gown designers from around the world, whose designs are worthy to be recognised.

Jason Grech

Jason Grech is a Melbourne-based couture designer whose brand, JASONGRECH, is synonymous with fashion and luxury. Specialising in red carpet dresses and couture bridal gowns, Jason knows how to make a woman stand out. His designs are all about intricate detailing with an emphasis on quality and luxury. Over the course of his career, Jason has become one of the most celebrated fashion houses in Australia.

Jason’s brand has long been setting the local fashion scene alight by creating gorgeous and inspirational gowns for over a decade now. Known for his innovative thinking, Jason started his love affair with fashion in 1997 when he began his formal training. His innovative designs, along with his expertise in the industry, are the driving force behind JASONGRECH. Combining diverse tones and textures to come up with stunning evening gown collections, Jason’s remarkable talent is evident on the delicate embroideries, fine detailing and outstanding qualities of his show-stopping designs.

Jason’s workshop and showroom are housed at a stable heritage building over at North Melbourne. This is where all his creations are designed, produced and beaded painstakingly. Anyone who is lucky enough to have worn one of Jason’s outstanding collections can attest that indeed, Jason Grech knows exactly what a woman wants and how to make her feel and look amazing.

Megan Park

If your idea of an evening dress is printed, beaded and intricately embroidered, then you will love Megan Park’s stunning collection of dresses. Megan Park, a Melbourne based designer is known for her signature style, which has caught the attention of international fashion houses. Megan’s collections are consistently impressive regardless of the season, and each piece embodies a modern bohemian spirit with a luxurious artisanal appeal.

model on ramp

Megan Park’s collections are timeless and elegant. With her business going from strength to strength, not to mention a robust international following, Park’s success can be attributed to her commitment to cater to the unique needs of all her loyal customers.

Continuing her international approach, Megan provides stockists to various fashion houses all over the world, such as in Japan, USA, Europe and the Middle East. Outside Australia, her most successful region is the USA having more than 50 stockists, most of whom are longstanding customers of the brand.

Aside from her remarkable dresses, Megan Park also incorporates jewellery, home collection and a children’s line to her brand. This is in response to her loyal customers’ yearning for a diverse range of products.

Caroline Castigliano

Another fashion designer that’s slowly making a name in the industry for her stunning evening dresses is UK-based Caroline Castigliano. For more than 25 years now, Caroline has been at the forefront of British bridal designs, having a flagship atelier at Knightsbridge, with exclusive stockists all over the world.

Her multi-faceted collections of gowns feature timeless appeal and ultra-feminine silhouettes, with elevated textures and highly luxurious fabric. Her dresses are designed to create impact from the time you walk into a room. Every piece of grown is meticulously handcrafted in the UK before they are sent to some of the world’s most prestigious outlets such as Saks, Bloomingdales and Macy’s.

Caroline uses her expertise in corsetry in creating gowns that fit perfectly and enhances the curve of a woman’s body. Because of this, her business has gone from strength to strength and her designs have caught the attention of some of the world’s most stylish celebrities. Thus, she was hired to create their dresses for red carpet events and special occasions, including weddings. Her long list of clients includes the world’s most famous film stars, dignitaries and celebrities.

Donatella Godart

girl in designer dress

Donatello Godart is a French fashion designer known for her sassy and feminine designs. Her designs perfectly embody the effortlessly chic French girl look. Having a showroom in Paris, Donatello’s dresses can also be found at some of the fashion outlet stores in Paris, Venice, London and California.

Donatello is credited for her great ability to play with silhouettes. A graduate of Paris design school, Donatello’s designs are amazing and are made from the best quality of fabrics, finished with intricately delicate details. The plunging necklines and willowy silhouettes of her gowns are beautifully insolent.

Inspired by her love of Jane Birkin and the fashion scene of the seventies, Donatello’s dresses reveal the true element of the fashion mystery, which every fashionable bride would yearn for. Her recent designs comprise of wedding dresses that speak volumes of a real feminine vanguard.


Fashion designing is all about using one’s creativity and skills in creating the most fashionable dresses ever. Whether it is a casual dress or a wedding gown, women of all ages would want to be dressed up to perfection during the most special events of their life.

Jason Grech and Megan Park are two of the most successful designers in the Australian world of fashion. Their similarities have something to do with their ability to create luxurious and feminine dresses, which is what every woman would yearn to wear. They know exactly what their clients want, and their keen eye for materials and fabrics have made them succeed in the competitive world of fashion and design.


A look at some of the hidden GEMs in the world of DJ equipment

The world of DJ equipment keeps evolving with the passage of every month, or perhaps even every week. Avid DJs are always on the lookout for these new offerings and are eager to explore how this equipment can contribute to their performance. But, there are also some rare hidden GEMs that most DJs would want to own through all of them cannot get their hands on it, due to the small numbers that are put out for sale and often, the price tag too.

Dj mixture

A recent news revealed a price of about USD 16,200 for a pair of Technics 1200s with gold plating. Obviously, that is a ton of cash but for those who can afford, it comes in mint condition and just 20 pairs were made available when they were released in the UK, way back in 2004. That gets the gear its ‘rare’ status to sit alongside other limited edition DJ equipment. Similar rarities are not scarce in the world out there and range from controllers and mixes to headphones and CDJs. Therefore, we have compiled a list of these favourite rarities. For most of us, savouring these images may be as far as we can go, but it does help to keep informed. Occasionally, these rarities are offered for sale on e-Bay or JD’s DJ equipment and if you have a bulgy wallet you can keep checking out there.

Rotary Mixer Meza Model Zero

This rotary is described as ‘the boutique mixer’ for the DJ world in 2016 and it is just about the Meza’s Model Zero you will find in the image. But, the made to order gear is a stripped back piece of Model Zero for DJs who are tired of effects knobs and endless looping. The approach is bare essentials made to elevate the music that you have in mind and comes at a princely sum of USD 3,400. The appearance is crisp white and that could be the dream for a minimalist.

DJM Nexus and CDJ-2000 from Pioneer


Animated Dj jockey using mixture Technics, as well as Pioneer, are known for veering from traditional silver or black of their common CDJ. This showcases somewhat a tapered down customization from steampunk flavour of the set-up of Tomorrowland though these CDJ-2000s continue to be available. Expect to spend about USD 6,500 for a pair of the CDJ-2000s and DJM-900 in dazzling white of course.

Vestax VC 1380 White

You may not find Vestax right at the top of the pyramid for music products presently. However, the twin channel VCi 480 controller continues to be among the finest from the brand. Thanks to Serato DJ it is loaded decently with musical craft tools and the company also promises that it will pursue a new approach to enhance the DJ’s performance through manipulation of music. The price, however, is set at about $800.

Turntable PLX-1000-N and DJM-S9 Mixer from Pioneer

Thirsty customers do look out for something more than just white and therefore, Pioneer added a gold-plated version of the DJM-S9 mixer alongside gold pioneer PLX-1000 turntables. This limited edition offering was only 1000 sets across the globe and was engraved with a distinct serial number to confirm the rarity. When this was released, the equipment commanded a price of about $3,400, though it could be more pricey now considering the limited edition offered.

DDJ-SZ Gold Pioneer

Pioneer appears to have an innate way to ensure that their products sparkle. For about $2,000 the DDJ-SZ controllers give us the impression that every track is laced with some gold dust, and that potentially could make the set at any of the dead Yates bars on a chilly Tuesday night even more bearable. The selling point obviously is obviously the illuminated jog wheels and the first controller from Pioneer based on CDJ 2000NXs.

Technics SL-1200 GAE

Dj jockey 1200 copies of this Grand Class turntable SL-1200 GAE was released by the German company after the relaunch of SL-1200 and occupies the top slot among all gold rarities from the company. As many as 300 copies sold out in under 30 minutes in Japan prompting Technics to suggest hitting the list of German retailers when they hit the market originally. UK buyers should expect to pay about £3000 to own this one.

Sennheiser Orpheus

DJs who are confident to handle this, in our opinion, can easily climb to become heroes. These headphones are meant for audiophile hidden in every one of us. The price of £30,000 makes it somewhat difficult for every DJ to own this piece, but it comes with a valve pre-amp that has been carved out from Italian marble and boasts of ridiculous frequencies.

The reference cartridge from Grado’s

DJ setups can generally afford to overlook quality cartridges. However, if you are shopping for some equipment that belongs to the high end of the market, then you should explore these sought-after Grado cartridges. All the electronics for the cartridge are housed in Australian Jarrah wood, and you should be willing to pay around $2,000

Rotary Mixer – Condesa Lucia

You can feel the sophistication embellished with a true vintage feel. This rotary mixer from Condesa’s Lucia was designed for travel and to fit nicely in home setups. An FX send/return, isolator and a headphone blend the circuit of all features making it another class product for the image of the Australian brand.

UREI 1620 LE Rotary

This rotary has presently been discontinued. However, it was a favourite for discotheques when originally launched in about the 1970s and reckoned as the best among misters in dance music. When you visit the product page of Urei, it asks you to spell out the time when your DJ mixer truly inspired you. True perhaps, since it would be hard to be devoid of the selection of separate booth and house outputs, balance control and a fine headphone section. This one sold last on eBay for a cool £1450